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Principala problemă cu textele motivaționale este că Career ori sunt citite prea devreme și neînțelese suficient ori sunt citite prea târziu când nu mai sunt decât o înșiruire de cuvinte mari, sforăitoare, cât se poate de adevărate dar cu care nu mai ai ce face.

Așa și cu textul ăsta. Cei de 20+ nu vor avea timp să-l citească fiind prea lung. Celor de 30+ li se va părea nerealist și plin de sfaturi imposibil de urmat. De la 40+ încolo, răbdarea scade și apar flash-urile generate de greșelile recunoscute în text. După 50 prea puțini mai au urechi de primit sfaturi de la alții.

Și totuși, las aici ideile principale în speranța că poate cineva are nevoie:

The First Decade

  • Find the least sucky job you can

elementary skills will turn out to be essential in that communication skills, empathy and discipline will carry you far and be your friends forever even if you constantly change industries or the world changes around you.

  • The Trend is your Friend

Aligning with a trend and particularly aligning early is critical because not only will the force be with you but your skills will be in demand as the area grows and if you have joined early you will be experienced and become well known in the field.

  • Plan and make decisions over a long horizon

Thus do not make job or career decisions with three to five month horizons but  three to five year horizons.

  • Even the best jobs are only good seventy percent of the time

If you have a great job you will find yourself wondering three days out ten you what you are doing, why you are doing it and if you are any good.

  • Compete against yourself rather than with others

Get better because in it there is reward.

The Middle Years

  • Who you work for is critical so choose your boss well

A successful boss increases their remit and thus makes new opportunities for you, but also ensures that they have your back while being very upfront and straightforward with you face to face.

  • Find Fit

Stop doing and pursuing things just because other people think they are cool jobs. Stop living in other peoples mind and start living in your  own life.

  • Build a  Personal Brand

a brand is what they say about you when you are not in the room.

The Later Years

  • Unlearn. Transform. Re-Invent

You are too cool and too senior to actually make a fool of yourself but if you do not want to become as irrelevant as you fear privately  you will have to change..

  • Build a portfolio career and start giving back aggressively

This way they have a new road ahead when their full time job ends and because they do they move on gracefully into a new phase.

Pentru aprofundare și completă înțelegere a ceea ce a vrut să spună autorul luați cu încredere articolul întreg.

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