Ceva sexy

Pentru început, 2 poze împrumutate de la Dragoș Cristescu care mi-aduc aminte de ce era mai frumos la Playboy-ul românesc la începuturile lui.




Pentru mai multe de același fel (unele chiar o idee mai explicite, dar fără a le știrbi cu nimic din magie) mergeți frumușel la Bucătărescu – noua jucărie a lui Dan-Silviu Boerescu (să mai zic odată ceva de Playboy?)

Și o povestioară frumoasă primită pe mail acum câteva zile de la cineva :

            you know what i love? i love that moment right before you have sex with someone you shouldn’t fuck, where you can feel the mood changing, like you’re on the edge of something, and you cant decide if you want to push over the edge yourself or wait. in your professor’s office, and the flirting has gone farther than normal. do you sit there and keep talking? do you start unbuttoning your shirt? what do you do if you aren’t wearing a shirt with buttons? that’s one of the best reasons to wear a shirt with buttons, by the way.
             the time i’m thinking of right now, i WAS wearing a shirt with buttons. so i unbuttoned one, and i waited. he didn’t do anything weird. so i undid another. i was expecting him to yell at me, but he didn’t. he just stayed behind his desk. the door was closed. he didn’t make a move until i took my bra off. he came over and stood near me. he was hard already…

Finalul nu este acesta dar pentru a mai lăsa puțin loc imaginației, am tăiat la montaj Smile

Hmm, v-au plăcut?

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